Saxena Research Group

Research Topics

We are a spectroscopy group with interests in biophysics and materials science. Graduate students are trained in the interdisciplinary interface between Chemistry and Biophysics gaining skills that range from first principles theory and molecular modeling to protein mutagenesis and expression. We push the frontiers of our cutting-edge spectroscopy, develop new methods, and apply them to problems that are otherwise inaccessible to other biophysical techniques.

Our science is highly collaborative, and we value the ability to work as a team. We emphasize the holistic training of a diverse group of students and focus on the development of both hard and soft professional skills. The students participate in all research, teaching, and outreach missions of the group. We strive to make our work environment welcoming and friendly.

Latest Publications
"Store bought is fine": Sensitivity considerations using shaped pulses for DEER measurements on Cu(II) labels
J. Casto, X. Bogetti, H. Hunter, Z. Hasanbasri,and S. Saxena, J. Magn. Reson., 349 (2023) 107413.
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A new 13C trityl-based spin label enables the use of DEER for distance measurements
Z. Hasanbasri, M Poncelet, H. Hunter, B. Driesschaert, and S. Saxena, J. Magn. Reson., 347 (2023) 107363.
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Measurement of protein dynamics from site directed Cu(II)-labelling
K. Singewald, H. Hunter, T. F. Cunningham, S. Ruthstein, and S. Saxena, Analysis and Sensing, 3 (2023) e202200053.
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